Saturday, March 26, 2016


I read with disappointment the police statement banning skating from all the roads in Uganda. Deputy Police Spokesperson Polly Namaye said road skaters who hold onto people’s vehicles snatch things from the cars. She said skaters normally snatch laptops, phones, bags, side mirrors, bunches of matooke and charcoal from trucks. “We have given instructions to all our traffic officers to caution the roller speed-skaters on the roads that they will be arrested. They have been banned due to public demand that many of them are thugs,” she said.

Though I don’t skate, I believe it’s a means of transport to these young people. The police should acknowledge the fact that inflated transport costs are forcing most of the youth to find a cheap alternative to get around town. Am sure Misuse is the main issue police should be addressing here instead of over reacting and succumbing to pressure to issue such a statement I find childish.

Honestly, am a bit perplexed, so, should we ban cars because countless lives have perished in accidents, or completely get rid of bodas simply because thieves and murderers use them, what about mobile phones and internet that are a medium for con stars, hackers and terrorists. I believe police is wise enough or they should know that there are always two sides to every coin and misuse should never render something useless.

I find this ban as cover-up of the police’s incompetence to investigate crime and bring to book these perpetrators. The road is for us all and whichever means we choose to use on it, is entirely our choice. So I strongly ask the police to reconsider the ban of skaters from the roads in Uganda or we will respond appropriately.

The viable alternative would be for the police to issue guidelines on how the skaters should use the roads. The same should also be done to bodas and cyclists as well. Then with pride, we will boldly sing with meaning …..’United free for liberty together we will always stand” Otherwise we can’t preach unity, when our liberty to use the road has been taken away from us. 

For God and my country. God bless Uganda.

Photo Credit: Tadej Znidarcic

Friday, February 12, 2016


Please take a few minutes and read this before you cast your precious ballot. A lot has been said, candidates have traversed almost every corner of this country soliciting for your votes. I know you have listened to them, and tonight you have another opportunity to see them on a live TV debate, the incumbent promising to attend only if Shaka Sali one of the modulators is dropped.

In 30 years, a lot has happened, the web was invented and the world is now more connected than before, malicious secret security meeting details have been saturated through social media, prompting the government to promise hefty punishments to those it deems to have misused these platforms especially Facebook and Whats App. Still in 3 decades, Brazil has won world cups, Singapore is now a first world country, Rwanda is now better organized and run, both Tanzania and Kenya have changed presidents.

In 30 years, roads that have been built have to be repaired just before their second birthday, beautiful government hospital structures with no medicine and medical staff are still mushrooming, donor funds for AIDS and Malaria patients have ended up in powerful men’s tummies, Universal Education at both primary and secondary levels has done well to reduce idle and disorderly and patriotism-a purely NRM indoctrination machine is about to be inaugurated into the curriculum.

Women empowerment has been understood as ladies standing up against the men, schools were relocated for hotels that were supposed to accommodate CHOGM delegates which  will be ready if we get another opportunity to host that international conference again.

A new constitution was adopted, which leaders swore to uphold and after that pledge, 5 million shillings exchanged hands and term limits were lifted, public management order bill was passed and electoral reforms were denied.

For 30 years, you have been subjected to lies and manipulation; you have been ferried to attend Museveni’s rallies only to be left stuck with no transport allowance you had been promised to take you back home.

To the youth who are shouting no change and risking your lives for just only 10,000 shillings, you need opportunities not cash handouts from the politicians. A true government should be an equal employer and should be able to understand the urgency of now, to acknowledge that unemployment is rampant and out of hand among the youth that constitute over 50% of the population.

And after 30 years, am sure you know how to vote, vote for the president who will listen, the one who knows that the government is the biggest employer and having that in mind, he will therefore agree to pass a legislation that reserves 30% of all government tenders for the youth as Uhuru did it in Kenya. With 30% of these tenders, you’ll no longer have to carry your bachelor’s degree to kitchens in the Middle East because we believe we will have enough jobs here.

You should vote in a way that, when the next elections comes, you will be self-sustaining because by that time, new legislation that protects startups will have been passed, trading licenses and company registration costs will be affordable and the cost of doing business in Uganda for Ugandans will be down.

30 years has been more than enough time for this government to accomplish whatever dream they had, yes, even building a rocket. So be wise, don’t be deceived, nothing will done in the next 5years that they haven't accomplished in their last 3 decades.

Am voting for change, Will you join me.
God bless you

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why falling Oil prices is bad news for Uganda's oil production

The plummeting price of oil is still the biggest energy story in the world right now. It's bringing cheap gasoline to the United States while wreaking havoc on oil-producing countries like Russia and Venezuela but why is it bad news for Uganda.

Let me try to explain

1. If the price of oil is too low, it will simply be left in the ground.

The world badly needs oil for many purposes: to power its cars, to plant its fields, to operate its oil-powered irrigation pumps, and to act as a raw material for making many kinds of products, including medicines and fabrics.

If the price of oil is too low, it will be left in the ground. With low oil prices, production may drop off rapidly. High price encourages more production and more substitutes; low price leads to a whole series of secondary effects (debt defaults resulting from deflation, job loss, collapse of oil exporters, loss of letters of credit needed for exports, bank failures) that indirectly lead to a much quicker decline in oil production.

The view is sometimes expressed that once 50% of oil is extracted, the amount of oil we can extract will gradually begin to decline, for geological reasons. This view is only true if high prices prevail, as we hit limits. If our problem is low oil prices because of debt problems or other issues, then the decline is likely to be far more rapid. With low oil prices, even what we consider to be proved oil reserves today may be left in the ground.

2. Low oil prices tend to cause debt defaults that have wide ranging consequences. If defaults become widespread, they could affect bank deposits and international trade.

With low oil prices, it becomes much more difficult for drillers to pay back the loans they have taken out. Cash flow is much lower, and interest rates on new loans are likely much higher. The huge amount of debt that drillers and explorers like Tullow have taken on suddenly becomes at-risk. so the amount at risk is substantial.

So if the prices continue to fall we may not see production in the near future.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Setting Goals is Not Enough: The Art of Execution

Set Your Goals! Here We Go Again!
Yes we know all that. Our coaches tell us to set our personal goals. We set the business strategy. We make New Years resolutions. Big deal!
So why, despite the enormous effort we put into goal setting, are we just not hitting them.

Because Goal Setting is The Easy Part
We get excited about new possibilities, new plans, new opportunities.
What a buzz! What an energy lift. And if we’re in a team, we begin to feel great about each other. But then what? We get busy, we put the plan away. Stuff comes up, priorities change.

Excuses, excuses, excuses!
The Key Reason You and Your Business Have Still Not Reached Your potential. Three words, that simple. Failure to execute-An unwillingness or inability to take action. Come on, you know you need to save, to invest; you just haven’t got around to it yet. You know you need to exercise every morning you just haven’t got around to it yet.

So What Leads To This Failure?

An inconsistent approach to execution and the “Big Bang” theory. Waiting for your big bonus before you begin to invest or take your big holiday and get your health back in order, rather than lots of mini vacations everyday.

Gong! Thank you for playing.
It’s never the “Big Bang” that will save you. It’s consistent small incremental steps, done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that gives you your success.

So How Come You Don’t Take Action?
Well, It’s not really you’re fault. It’s your chemistry, your DNA, your hard wiring as a human being. You and everybody else on the planet are absolutely wired to avoid pain at any cost. Pain takes you out of your comfort zone. And these new actions for goal achievement are out of
your comfort zone.

Although you start to execute, with the greatest and most noble intentions, the first bit of stuff that stops you, wham! Into a brick wall, and you stop. And you do it over and over again, in so many aspects of your life and your business. In fact you become habituated to starting, stopping and failing.

But What If Everything I Said Doesn’t Happen For You Or Your Business?
Okay. So I’ve been a little harsh. You and your team are real doers. You continually push past the “inconsistent gene” and continue to take action. But you’re still not getting the results you could!
So How Come Despite All Our Great Actions We Still Don’t Get Results?
Once again very, very simple.

You just don’t measure.
The sustainable path to productivity is goals, followed by consistent actions over time, which are measured against progress towards your goal. Venture capitalists call this ‘Execution Intelligence’.
A leader’s track record of consistent results over time, irrespective of the industry they are in. This is the path to profitable, sustainable growth. The catch cry of every hot blooded entrepreneurial spirit.

How do I grow this puppy?
But I Am Measuring, We Do Measure and We’re Sill Not Achieving?
Well guess what? We’ve got an answer for that one as well. We measure too many things. We get so bogged down with data, the integrity of data, the timeliness of data, the interpretation of data. Doh! As Homer Simpson would say. And The Answer?
Only measure a few critical things in your life or your business. The Critical Drivers or measures that lead to your goals.

According to Brian Tracy, here are four simple measures:

1. Business & Career
Hourly Rate (Divide your take home pay by the hours worked in a year. This assumes you get paid according to the value you bring to the market place).

2. Family & Relationships
Face Time (The actual hours spent with family doing the mundane and the fun stuff . Kids spell love T.I.M.E.).

3. Money and Investments
Burn Rate (How much money I have as cash over the current lifestyle spend rate. E.g. if you have $200,000 cash and you go through $100,000 a year, your burn rate is 2 years).

4. Health & Fitness
Waist Size (This is a very “blokey” measure, but a more reliable one than just weight. You can put on a lot of kilos in muscle and look even better).

What’s my point? My point is get 3-5 measures for your LIFE, your TEAM, your BUSINESS. Educate people about these measures and use them as feedback towards your goal. So What Should I Measure In My Business?
Measure the critical success factors.The way to do this is brainstorm.
What are the things that go wrong when we have a bad month?
When sales are down, when the numbers aren’t hit. Most times what shows up in July was most probably caused in March or April.

For example if you’re a professional services firm:
# of Client Calls
# of Action Plans (Proposals)
# of Marketing Initiatives
# of time spent coaching your people

Just as long as the drivers are Business Critical.
Keep Asking the Following:
What happened that should not have? What didn’t happen that should have? Until you come up with some key drivers that everyone knows.
In fact, in ‘Good to Great’ they talk about One Big Number.
For example a retailer it could be “profit per square meter” which obviously has a number of measures which lead into it.

Sorry. We do all that!
1. We set the goals
2. We take consistent incremental steps towards them
3. We measure our progress with Key Critical Drives
And we are still not progressing as well as we want to.
“Ah! Here’s the rub” - It’s useless to measure, or survey or collect data if your not prepared to correct or change.

But Our People Do Correct!
You bet they do, but mostly they correct the plan. The goal. Because they’re not hitting the numbers they blame the numbers. Or even better, the nasty Senior Manager that “forced” them to write these impossible numbers in the first place. So one of our major problems as human beings or business is we dilute our goals. We rationalise and justify our failures by blaming the goals as not realistic.

Don’t change your plans, change your execution.
Never, never, never give up. Try a different way, a different method, a different person, a different strategy.
But don’t give up on your goals, particularly you’re personal goals.
This is your life!

So The Next Obvious Question is Why Do We Give Up Or Water Down Our Goals?
Quite simply, Belief. That’s right, there’s a part of us that just doesn’t believe we’ll hit our goals. And it wants so badly to succeed, it would rather change the goal and hit it, than fail. A lack of optimism makes us dilute our goals. And yet, beyond our greatest fears and doubts are our
greatest possibilities and freedoms.

This Is Where Leadership Comes In. Leadership for you personally and in the business. A leader faces reality, but never gives up hope. Leaders are dealers in hope. But, it’s not just hope or optimism, it’s also skill.
You see, if you or your team don’t have the skill to implement, then why did you set the plan in the first place.

Hope is not a methodology.
So when it goes wrong you can either fix the blame or fix the problem.
And the reason we got so excited about your plan, your Strategic Plan, where you all got great joy out of working on, this very important, very senior “business stuff ” is because it made you feel important for one brief day, workshop or off-site. You actually felt like a leader. Perhaps you were. But What If You Were Kidding Yourself Along with Everybody Else on Your Team? What if you were actually lying about your ability, the team, the business, to really be able to execute. It’s not that you lied, you just didn’t face the reality of the situation. Didn’t admit to feeling like an “impostor”. Pretended to understand when you didn’t because you didn’t want to appear dumb. Or just said yes because you wanted to go back to your “patch” and just get on with it.

The reason we often don’t meet our goals is our in built denial to tell it how it is. Never underestimate the power of denial.
We in fact sabotage goal achievement by telling ourselves lies, or by not facing the truth or “what is”. The “What is”, “What Ought” Gap
We continue to define the problem as the “Gap” between “what is” our current reality and “what ought” to be in the future. We label this the problem or we put new age terms on it “the challenge”, “the opportunity” and then we try to bridge the gap.

How Do We Try To Bridge the Gap?
Our old “lazibonesness” kicks in. With one large massive action. One big sweep. And it’s just too much to carry out. So what’s the key?

Just keep asking yourself the following:
“What’s one thing I can do today to move myself closer to my goals?”
What are things I can do to improve the situation? You didn’t get into your current situation by one big action, and you won’t get out of it either. It’s a series of steps, consistent, daily, predictable steps.
“What ordinary things consistently done well will produce extra ordinary results?” Continually look to improve things on a daily basis. The Problem “What Ought” to be in the future “What is” at present.
So Where Do I Get The Drive To Improve Things on a Daily Basis? In a word - Optimism.

Having worked with many entrepreneurs and senior leaders, this seems to be a trait of all constant ‘daily doers’. Not an over the top ‘rah, rah’, but an absolute belief that things will work out okay if I keep up the small stuff .
Of course the optimism needs to come from a sound business plan in the first place. A plan based on what the market really wants. The market is always right. If they don’t want your product or service, they won’t buy it. Yes I know the taste tests were excellent, the focus group before the launch had very positive results and all your friends and family said your idea was a winner.

But your family and friends don’t love the product. They love you.
It’s you they don’t want to disappoint. And you seem so wrapped up in your idea. What you could be suffering from is a case of G.A.G.I (Go out And Get It). That is go out and get new customers, market share and sales.
But what you really need is a good case of F.O.W.T.W (Find Out What They Want). That’s right, real optimism comes from basing your goals or something your client really, really, wants.

So How Do I Find Out What Clients Or Customers Really, Really Want?
Well you need to find out where your client or customers are hurting. This will always be the most pressing need. We all want to get better. But in times of pain, it’s pain relief and not health we are after. The quick fix.
We are more motivated to take an aspirin than the vitamins when we’ve got business headaches.

So the other reason why Strategic Plans are so flawed is they are often “disguised” aspirins wishfully looking for pain in the marketplace, rather than targeted medication for clearly identified pains. And, if at the core, your Senior Executives don’t really believe (optimism) that there is a real pain in the marketplace that you can alleviate, part of them will never really get 100% commitment to the plan or take consistent action steps to achieve it.

We only water the gardens we believe will grow.
Once even a small part of us stops believing in the goal, the strategy, the dream, the garden, our “psychological energy” is diminished.
Age wrinkles the skin but quitting wrinkles the soul.

Some Final Thoughts In Achieving Your Goals and Making Your Strategy Come To Life.

1. Rewrite your goals everyday, at least your top ten. Remind your team daily of the Top 3.

2. Make a plan everyday to do at least one action that will move you closer to your goals.

3. Have someone be accountable on a daily or at least a weekly basis. (This is the biggie).

4. Go out and make mistakes and admit when you do. Don’t protect, correct. A mistake is not a sin unless it is not admitted.
Hang around with optimists, believers who are doers. As Tony Robbins says, “we are the sum total of our five closest associates”.

And Finally the Most Important Lesson of All
Remember you are not your failures, nor are you your success. You are you. We love you for who you are, not what you do or what you have or haven’t achieved. You are not what you do.

At a party last month, someone told me their best friend committed suicide. A husband, a father, a businessman who had gone broke and couldn’t face the shame, the humiliation.

Never let your net worth equal your self worth. Keep working on yourself, enjoy the journey, be gentle on you and your mistakes, but keep it up on a
daily basis. If you want to make a great living work on your business. If you want to make a fortune, work on yourself.

So there we have it, a bullet proof plan for hitting your goals. Will you do it? And if you do what will be the last thought that goes through your mind before you die? Wow! That was spectacular.

Summary Points:
1. Set your Goals or Strategy
2. Create an Action Plan to achieve this
3. Do consistent actions on a daily basis
4. Measure progress towards your goals
5. Don’t have too many measures
6. Get honest with yourself and your team about the “what is”
7. Unleash your unbridled optimism
8. Base your optimism in real market needs
9. Go for pain alleviation
10. Admit your mistakes
11. Don’t equate your success with who you are
12. Make your life spectacular


Thursday, December 11, 2014


Storipot homepage

If you dont remember,  it started a few months ago. These dudes at took the burden upon themselves to curate all Ugandan blogs. They asked us and we responded and  that time we tagged #UgBlogs in all our blog posts.

I didn't know that it was going to be massive. What has swept me off the ground is the name. Thumbs up for whoever came up with it. It clearly depicts our heritage.  A pot  does all kinds of stuff.. from cooking to the obvious one- storage.

Now storipot is a collection and storage of all Ugandan blogs. To be more precise,  consider it as a supermarket where you shop freely for all Ugandan stories  from technology,  business,  politics to lifestyle.

After months and months of this pregnancy and enduring the unimaginable labour pains,  the baby has come out and on the 10th of December the baby was unveiled to the public at exactly 11:30pm

For now,  you can forget about google or and embrace our very own new kid on the block.  is that place.  Its only the blind (those people that the bible says cant see though have eyes) that can't see that the future belongs to


Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Last night I was in a serious sausage mode and felt like this time I should prepare them on my own at home. I must admit that I have known only two methods of sausage preparations that is deep frying and roasting. But for some reasons I was not ready to go through that ordeal of sitting, watching and turning them until they are ready, so I opted to try out something that I have never seen anyone do before. its not rocket science and anyone can do it.
below I share the six quick steps for preparing boiled sausages this festive season


 ½ kg of sausages

1 tomato

1 onion

Curry powder

Cooking oil

500mls of water

Salt and wheat flour

1.      Slice the tomato and onions into small pieces.

2.      Meanwhile, place the sauce pan on a cooker at around 60⁰c

3.      Add 2 or 3 tablespoons full of cooking oil in a saucepan leave it to burn until ready

4.      Carefully place in the onions and add tomatoes after 1 or 2 minutes and stir gently until they are ready.

5.      Add curry powder and a little salt, stir and add water and a teaspoon of wheat flour.

6.      And finally add in your sausages and boil for 10 to 20 minutes.

Your sausages are ready and you can serve with salads.

Please note that wheat flour makes water a bit thick this prevents the outer layer of sausages from peeling off.
Image: Hood Ssuuna