Friday, February 12, 2016


Please take a few minutes and read this before you cast your precious ballot. A lot has been said, candidates have traversed almost every corner of this country soliciting for your votes. I know you have listened to them, and tonight you have another opportunity to see them on a live TV debate, the incumbent promising to attend only if Shaka Sali one of the modulators is dropped.

In 30 years, a lot has happened, the web was invented and the world is now more connected than before, malicious secret security meeting details have been saturated through social media, prompting the government to promise hefty punishments to those it deems to have misused these platforms especially Facebook and Whats App. Still in 3 decades, Brazil has won world cups, Singapore is now a first world country, Rwanda is now better organized and run, both Tanzania and Kenya have changed presidents.

In 30 years, roads that have been built have to be repaired just before their second birthday, beautiful government hospital structures with no medicine and medical staff are still mushrooming, donor funds for AIDS and Malaria patients have ended up in powerful men’s tummies, Universal Education at both primary and secondary levels has done well to reduce idle and disorderly and patriotism-a purely NRM indoctrination machine is about to be inaugurated into the curriculum.

Women empowerment has been understood as ladies standing up against the men, schools were relocated for hotels that were supposed to accommodate CHOGM delegates which  will be ready if we get another opportunity to host that international conference again.

A new constitution was adopted, which leaders swore to uphold and after that pledge, 5 million shillings exchanged hands and term limits were lifted, public management order bill was passed and electoral reforms were denied.

For 30 years, you have been subjected to lies and manipulation; you have been ferried to attend Museveni’s rallies only to be left stuck with no transport allowance you had been promised to take you back home.

To the youth who are shouting no change and risking your lives for just only 10,000 shillings, you need opportunities not cash handouts from the politicians. A true government should be an equal employer and should be able to understand the urgency of now, to acknowledge that unemployment is rampant and out of hand among the youth that constitute over 50% of the population.

And after 30 years, am sure you know how to vote, vote for the president who will listen, the one who knows that the government is the biggest employer and having that in mind, he will therefore agree to pass a legislation that reserves 30% of all government tenders for the youth as Uhuru did it in Kenya. With 30% of these tenders, you’ll no longer have to carry your bachelor’s degree to kitchens in the Middle East because we believe we will have enough jobs here.

You should vote in a way that, when the next elections comes, you will be self-sustaining because by that time, new legislation that protects startups will have been passed, trading licenses and company registration costs will be affordable and the cost of doing business in Uganda for Ugandans will be down.

30 years has been more than enough time for this government to accomplish whatever dream they had, yes, even building a rocket. So be wise, don’t be deceived, nothing will done in the next 5years that they haven't accomplished in their last 3 decades.

Am voting for change, Will you join me.
God bless you