Thursday, September 4, 2014


Every decision has consequences. Be aware! I knew it that once I take this path, questions will be raised and answers must be given. I was aware that people would be hurt, trust will get wings and takeoff, and relationships will break. I knew it for sure. Being a guy who also knew the impact of the statement "with time", I was sure that things would be normal again and acceptance would be preached after healing (which comes with time) has happened. Well I was dead wrong.

Seven years on, nothing has changed much. It just takes me back to Easter Sunday of 2007 the day I made a decision that still hurts people up to now. It’s on this day, with a sound mind that I CHOOSE TO INVITE JESUS CHRIST in my life. A day before, I had mobilized and promised my pals that we would go to a drinking and a clubbing spree on Easter night.

When I broke the news to my pals that the program was off because it was not in line with my new lifestyle, they were very disappointed. Many left for good though I managed to win some back. Like them I was disappointed too. I didn't know that this is was just the beginning of my persecution for a decision I made willingly. My family could not deal with it. It’s after this that I deeply understood why Elijah had to free from Jaazbel, a king's wife who was vying for his blood.

I don't blame Dad, I understand because a matter of fact, I would also be disappointed if my son doesn't take the path that I want him to. Truth be told, this was never about the path he wanted me to take, it was about the kind of son I want to be, the kind of son God wants me to be.

To all my friends, especially those that belong to the Islamic religion, I know it hurts and I feel your pain if a brother like you refer to any Muslim, converts to Christianity. Am that brother. Am not lost, I wasn't given money nor did i follow a pretty face like you always say. Rather I found light.

I want to say that am sorry if my decision to leave Islam hurt you, am sorry that I didn't follow the path you had prepared.

But I want to clearly and emphatically state it here that am not and will never be sorry for my decision, the decision I made to follow JESUS CHRIST. It’s a choice I embraced, a decision I will never ever regret.

To those of you who had hope that one day I will come back to my senses (as if am insane) and return to Islam. Am here to pour water onto your beacon, am not and will never come back to where I used to be. Am walking this journey well assured that this man Jesus is and will always be with me no matter what? Anger and resentment towards me will not only make you bitter, but also affect your health. Freeing yourselves from bitterness will help you live longer, so I ask you to help your health.

I pray that one day, God will meet you on your way to Damascus. I hope one day you will come to understand, accept and respect my decision even if you don't agree with it. That is called tolerance.

I must admit that I long for acceptance the same way the same way minority Muslims would demand for it in a predominately Christian community even though they don't accept Christians in their countries.