Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I don't know our house mates, I don't know the day and time when they went into the house, I don't know who was evicted or who is up for eviction, I don't watch or follow big brother. Those answers have been subjected to utter ridicule from my friends who find me naive for not keeping up with the trend as they call it.

I don't wanna say that  I am totally innocent, there was a time I was a victim of this pathetic show, that time I followed every detail in the house day in and day out credit to Gaetano -the man who took it upon himself to publicly display his bedroom skills on TV. 

But that was then, ever since then, I decided that there is no way am gonna waste a single minute of life watching  a bunch of idle and selfish people under house arrest with 24/7 surveillance cameras, moving up and down just to see another day waiting for their three month curfew to be lifted.

Apart from that I failed to see the purpose of this show; What do we learn from watching people whose work is reduced to only  waking up, sleeping and the obvious one of eating, people whose leisure is sex and getting cozy with the opposite sex though the later has become an attribute to whoever wants to win. What impact does it have on the society or even to the participants? What skills do house mates attain after the show?

I find this as ploy by producers to render people unproductive by keeping them glued to the TV sets  through the day as they mince millions of dollars from companies sponsoring the show. Or If its true that the producers are responding to the consumer behaviors of the people as it is alleged then trust me our society has gone to the dogs and thorough rehabilitation is needed to revamp this precious generation.

If this show is not sheer madness, then what the hell is it?

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Friday, October 17, 2014


Over a time, especially from personal experience, i have discovered that in life people fail not because they lack the ability and the attributes to succeed, but for the lack of whole heartedness. They don't whole heartedly expect to succeed. 

Thinking Positively is a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results.

In need, a time when most people pray and engage God with all all kinds of prayer, they don't whole heartedly expect him to meet their needs even though they have assurances of his promises written all over his book-The Bible.
You will all agree with me that after a week long prayer, you will hear them first hand complaining how God is taking long. The problem is not that God is taking long to answer, the real problem is that they were just trying. Not knowing that God is not a lottery and the scriptures say that however comes to him must believe that He is.

The bold truth is that life or success or whatever you pursue cant deny itself to a person who gives it his all. All you have to do is to throw your heart over the bar and the rest of your body will follow. Its worth noting that results dont yield themselves to a person who refuses to give himself to the desired results.

Isaiah 55:7 says - let the wicked forsake his ways and the un righteous man his thoughts. This scripture not only means that a person is to depart from evil and do good but that he is to change his THINKING from wrong to right, error to truth, from failure to success; from defeat to victory, and from poverty to prosperity.
There is nothing on earth that can stand in a way of a man with a right mental attitude.

Hope you have been blessed.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We all have stories, we have questions whose answers will probably remain with us until to the grave, that's what i believed until of recent when an email appeared in my inbox.  This is my story that I thought I would never tell and answers I thought i would never give.

When I first heard the word Blogger, I had no idea what it meant, but one thing I remember I fell in love with it and instantly wanted to blog. It was really hard for me to differentiate between a blog and website, some people told me that a blog was a small website- to me small meant that maybe half display on the desktop but to my surprise the so called blog was no different from the website at least in terms of display on the monitor or mobile hence rendering that definition irrelevant.

A soccer player is a footballer, writing is to a writer and a person who runs a blog is a Blogger so I always rhetorically asked myself does a websitor (in case it existed) mean a person who owns or runs a website!?

I was prompted to read about blogs and blogging, I found a platform on google that offered templates and hosting at no cost - it was excruciating. The idea that finally am gonna have an address to my name at a zero cost, an address that to me was a preserve for the rich corporations kept me boosting in pride; that at last I will tell people to find me at www.ssuuna.blogspot.com .

So in 2010 I jumped into this river of bloggers. I wanted to be called or call myself a blogger, it was an elite class that I wanted to belong to. This is a class that in my view is no different from ACCA or any other professional body that people die to be party to.

Not only have am I improving my writing skills through blogging, I can also boost to be in a circle of active bloggers in this country-some of which I have had an opportunity to meet and know personally especially guys at www.dignited.com who have taken this a burden upon themselves to develop a platform #Ugblogs where all Ugandan Blogs can be found easily.

Funny enough I think that am the only active blogger who still didn't know the meaning and exact difference between a blog and a website until this challenge came up, so great thanks to the Social Media Summit, you gave me a challenge to look out for these answers.

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