Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I don't know our house mates, I don't know the day and time when they went into the house, I don't know who was evicted or who is up for eviction, I don't watch or follow big brother. Those answers have been subjected to utter ridicule from my friends who find me naive for not keeping up with the trend as they call it.

I don't wanna say that  I am totally innocent, there was a time I was a victim of this pathetic show, that time I followed every detail in the house day in and day out credit to Gaetano -the man who took it upon himself to publicly display his bedroom skills on TV. 

But that was then, ever since then, I decided that there is no way am gonna waste a single minute of life watching  a bunch of idle and selfish people under house arrest with 24/7 surveillance cameras, moving up and down just to see another day waiting for their three month curfew to be lifted.

Apart from that I failed to see the purpose of this show; What do we learn from watching people whose work is reduced to only  waking up, sleeping and the obvious one of eating, people whose leisure is sex and getting cozy with the opposite sex though the later has become an attribute to whoever wants to win. What impact does it have on the society or even to the participants? What skills do house mates attain after the show?

I find this as ploy by producers to render people unproductive by keeping them glued to the TV sets  through the day as they mince millions of dollars from companies sponsoring the show. Or If its true that the producers are responding to the consumer behaviors of the people as it is alleged then trust me our society has gone to the dogs and thorough rehabilitation is needed to revamp this precious generation.

If this show is not sheer madness, then what the hell is it?

Image: spotistarehe.wordpress.com