Friday, October 17, 2014


Over a time, especially from personal experience, i have discovered that in life people fail not because they lack the ability and the attributes to succeed, but for the lack of whole heartedness. They don't whole heartedly expect to succeed. 

Thinking Positively is a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results.

In need, a time when most people pray and engage God with all all kinds of prayer, they don't whole heartedly expect him to meet their needs even though they have assurances of his promises written all over his book-The Bible.
You will all agree with me that after a week long prayer, you will hear them first hand complaining how God is taking long. The problem is not that God is taking long to answer, the real problem is that they were just trying. Not knowing that God is not a lottery and the scriptures say that however comes to him must believe that He is.

The bold truth is that life or success or whatever you pursue cant deny itself to a person who gives it his all. All you have to do is to throw your heart over the bar and the rest of your body will follow. Its worth noting that results dont yield themselves to a person who refuses to give himself to the desired results.

Isaiah 55:7 says - let the wicked forsake his ways and the un righteous man his thoughts. This scripture not only means that a person is to depart from evil and do good but that he is to change his THINKING from wrong to right, error to truth, from failure to success; from defeat to victory, and from poverty to prosperity.
There is nothing on earth that can stand in a way of a man with a right mental attitude.

Hope you have been blessed.