Saturday, May 3, 2014


Going south 
Early this month, I had planned a journey east across the country with a pal. It was for business and pleasure.
If you asked what happened, instead I found myself to a journey this time, south of the country not even a thought ever occurred to me that I would be going to this part of the country not until later this year.

I believe that it was divine though the actual cause of this sudden journey was very unfortunate. To me, it was attending the burial of my 4 months old nephew who had perished in an accident but to God it was an opportunity to minister His unfailing/ unconditional love to the people of that community.
God guided me to free his people from the devil
Many of them were hurt and angry with God, some were in total despair, a considerable number was sick while most of them were eager and hungry to hear the word of God.

There was only one pastor who had been forced into compromise by a prominent witch. This witch commanded great respect and had managed to win a considerable number of followers for the pastor feared a backlash from the followers of the witch. This pastor met with people on a daily basis for fellowship ...yeah, thats a good habit, you may think. wait a minute, this is not the fellowship we know – sharing the word of God, evangelism or praying for the sick not anything like that!! it was sharing a cup of tea over a board of LUDO, a local board game popular among the unemployed youth in Uganda. Yes playing LUDO! Trust me you could hardly identify a man of God from them until you are told.

One night as I was speaking and preaching to over 20 elderly ladies who sat comfortably around the fire, as its a norm after burial; my speech was cut short by a young man in his late 20s seated at the edge of the bench a few feet from where I was standing. He introduced himself as a happy and satisfied witch, he had pride in all the services he rendered to the devil. He could boldly and openly declare that. He was way too young and skinny than I expected.

He was very confrontational, against everything I was saying. I had decided to ignore him until I saw that he taking the attention of the audience away from me. I must confess that am good at arguments and I have lost count of how many I have won. But this time was different, it wasn't like any other argument I have had before, in fact it wasn't about who was right or wrong. It was about my God and his gods. He then threw challenge before me “If your God is supreme like you claim, then walk through that fire” he spoke in a sarcastic tone. We became a public spectator, people cheered him. it looked like he was getting on top over me. Truthfully, I was not ready to embrace that challenge. Thankfully my God was right on time to intervene.

John 14:26 says “the holy spirit is our counselor”. that particular moment, he gave me counsel. I got courage and with a head teacher's voice I called for their attention. There was sudden silence, so silent that with a little effort it was possible to hear the sweet sound of the stars, I believe if you gave it a shot. 
Thats how serene the environment was. 
They thought I was ready to take on the challenge, I could see that on their faces. Yeah, they were right, I was ready. It was now my time to speak, my moment, God's moment. 

In a triumphant voice I said “ I don't have the faith to go through that fire, however that does not mean that my God is inadequate, being faithless has nothing to do with my God”.
As they where about to burst into laughters, I added “ this is what I know and this the faith I have.............” you should have seen the look on their faces. So I continued “as long as my God lives, I decree and declare that you- Kitayimba the witch , will be in church, you will declare God's love to the masses the same am doing right now. And this will happen before you die”. 

I then turned to the people and I said to them,you will be witnesses to what I have said. All you have to do is keep an eye on this man, make sure he does not relocate to another village. I turned and looked at this witch, fear had gripped his face,he was trembling. The people turned against him mocking and laughing at him. I then told him aloud so that every one could hear. “every day before I go to bed on my knees, I will make a personal prayer for you” his entire body was trembling and before you could say the word Jesus, he was no where to be seen! I dint see this man again.

People lifting their hands for prayer
The following morning, people came for prayer and others where hungry for God. The name of God was glorified in that village. Indeed you are the man of God , that was the confession on the lips of those people. 

Before I left they instructed me to raise my hands to bless them. I spoke the words that my pastor Arthur normally declares before we end the service at our church in Seeta. Am grateful to God for using me to minister to his people.

I will leave you with this “ Not a single day
                                                          can I discern the way
                                                          But this I surely know,
                                                          He who gives the day
                                                         will show the way
                                                         And so I surely go”