Saturday, March 26, 2016


I read with disappointment the police statement banning skating from all the roads in Uganda. Deputy Police Spokesperson Polly Namaye said road skaters who hold onto people’s vehicles snatch things from the cars. She said skaters normally snatch laptops, phones, bags, side mirrors, bunches of matooke and charcoal from trucks. “We have given instructions to all our traffic officers to caution the roller speed-skaters on the roads that they will be arrested. They have been banned due to public demand that many of them are thugs,” she said.

Though I don’t skate, I believe it’s a means of transport to these young people. The police should acknowledge the fact that inflated transport costs are forcing most of the youth to find a cheap alternative to get around town. Am sure Misuse is the main issue police should be addressing here instead of over reacting and succumbing to pressure to issue such a statement I find childish.

Honestly, am a bit perplexed, so, should we ban cars because countless lives have perished in accidents, or completely get rid of bodas simply because thieves and murderers use them, what about mobile phones and internet that are a medium for con stars, hackers and terrorists. I believe police is wise enough or they should know that there are always two sides to every coin and misuse should never render something useless.

I find this ban as cover-up of the police’s incompetence to investigate crime and bring to book these perpetrators. The road is for us all and whichever means we choose to use on it, is entirely our choice. So I strongly ask the police to reconsider the ban of skaters from the roads in Uganda or we will respond appropriately.

The viable alternative would be for the police to issue guidelines on how the skaters should use the roads. The same should also be done to bodas and cyclists as well. Then with pride, we will boldly sing with meaning …..’United free for liberty together we will always stand” Otherwise we can’t preach unity, when our liberty to use the road has been taken away from us. 

For God and my country. God bless Uganda.

Photo Credit: Tadej Znidarcic