Monday, July 14, 2014


Over the weekend I got a chance to attend the 3rd edition of the Vintage and classic auto show at the Sheraton gardens, credit to my sponsors the New Vision.

The show which kicked off as early as 10 in the morning attracted mostly those are enthusiastic about classic cars. Some yearned to see and experience what our forefathers felt in their rides.

There were all sorts of cars, but the one that caught my eye was the road worthy and the condition of the Ford Model T manufactured in as early as 1927 – actually the oldest car that was on display that day. Too bad that it didn't win the revered prize. If you are like who thought that Automatic transmission cars are of this age, well you're right until you meet the a sleek convertible blue Mercedes and the Triumph of the early sixties with the later going on to claim the prize of the most appealing car.

Arguably the highlight of the day is when I landed on the owner of perhaps the most popular classic car in Uganda as of today. Its this car that featured in Pastor Bugembe's famous Bulibabutya music video and the only Peugeot that participated and could take you to a round trip in Nairobi hustle free.

It show wasnt only about vintage cars as a round ticket was won to any destination in Europe courtesy of Turkish Airlines. Prizes were also awarded to the best dressed male and female though none showed up to claim their prizes for us to see if whoever was on the panel got it right.

Next time you walk past the car from the 20s to 70s, am a call way because for sure I would love to participate in the show next year.