Friday, April 25, 2014


The beautiful lady in my life, we ve come a long way. I have been to the mountain top & seen the promised land- its plentiful, I know we will get there. Trust me; I can conquer the whole world with one hand as long as you hold my other hand. U could be the next Janet Museveni, Michelle Obama or  Melinda Gates (God knows) 

Associate Professor Richard Okou and Dr Susanne Otim, coz of u Ssebagala will have no more reasons to mock the academic fraternity coz of their financial status, you are intelligent, enterprising and stylish as Well.

My brother Ayebazibwe Jack and Pastor Eddie Opale, tewali yali amanyi apart from God. U've shown us how to stand in times of great trial.

My dear Pastor & father Arthur Otim, am grateful that u raised and believed in me - I know its not easy to raise an ambitious son. Forever I will be your student. 

Kisekka Richard, in Patience, u found a good wife therefore I see favor around you. As for Omondi Kenneth, ve not lost hope. I bought a new Kanzu waiting to be unveiled on that day.
Hood next to Best Ayiorwoth- Anisha Prize Finalist 2013

 Nisiima Dan, u've delayed, our posters should be out by now. There is no better time to oust Sam kuteesa from mawogola than 2016.
Now Jimmy Anguyo, with that progress, Sudhir and Bitature have a reason to worry. Ur a millionaire next door. please tell Brian that ve failed to figure out how he amassed millions from  a few shillings in less than a year.

Wasswa David, yo generosity still puzzles me no-wonder God has blessed you mightily.

As for u Nakitto Usher, project fame is not the only platform to prove yo talent. with such a voice  Celine Dion is right to envy u. Ur indeed talented and the sky is the limit. Lyll Mykk, East Africa has heard enough of u. Now am sending u to the outer most nations of this world. Go and bring a grammy, kola, kilimanjaro, kisima and any other music awards home. 

May God bless u Jemimah Connie for always believing in me and through you I met Primah Kwagala- a lady whose heart is consumed with our freedom& rights. probably one of 2013's biggest revelations.

Mama Christian Shell, perhaps your son is now in a better position to give you an answer you ve always longed for.

Mugabi Norman, Connie Charles, Ssali Ibra, Higenyi Baska, Nakabuye Martha, Ssentongo Allan, Mugisa Brave, ur loved and highly favored.
Pastor Baska, the nations have heard and opened up- its your time to travel.
Ben Mwine, am enjoying it, its pleasing and comfortable.

At the Airtel consultative meeting
people say that the easiest way to loose money is investing  in leveraged business, probably Yes but what about those chaps in Owino park yard. Maybe they will tell you that if u wanna loose all yo money, get a stall in Owino.

#2014 is here to unveil me. So u will get used to seeing me often on your Tvs, Newspapers and the social media. 

I prefer to call myself   a  "CAPITALIST NIGGER" u can never understand it until u ve read a book of the same title.
Welcome to #2014