Thursday, December 11, 2014


Storipot homepage

If you dont remember,  it started a few months ago. These dudes at took the burden upon themselves to curate all Ugandan blogs. They asked us and we responded and  that time we tagged #UgBlogs in all our blog posts.

I didn't know that it was going to be massive. What has swept me off the ground is the name. Thumbs up for whoever came up with it. It clearly depicts our heritage.  A pot  does all kinds of stuff.. from cooking to the obvious one- storage.

Now storipot is a collection and storage of all Ugandan blogs. To be more precise,  consider it as a supermarket where you shop freely for all Ugandan stories  from technology,  business,  politics to lifestyle.

After months and months of this pregnancy and enduring the unimaginable labour pains,  the baby has come out and on the 10th of December the baby was unveiled to the public at exactly 11:30pm

For now,  you can forget about google or and embrace our very own new kid on the block.  is that place.  Its only the blind (those people that the bible says cant see though have eyes) that can't see that the future belongs to