Sunday, November 2, 2014


Written  by Justus Kiiza Benjamin
The dictionary or English description of the word Dictator is a “ruler who is unconstrained by the law”. Few are conscious; awake enough to know such a thing is non-existent in a self-proclaimed democratic world.

Preying on the abysmal misinformation or lack of any foreign powers manipulate the knowledge of the African mind. Statistical percentage shows most African minds view dictatorship as the characteristic over stay in power. Frustrated by the lengthy time lag and dangerous power hungry minds, masses naively overlook the good generated by stability in turn brought by less power shifts over a couple of years and concentrate on the manipulative knowledge they are programmed to receive.

This keeps the continent swirling around the same path. Unable to think out of the box from which they live. Like a bird whose wings are clipped, flying up the sky is a dream yet never to be achieved.

If anything, a dictator is inspired by the great love for his nation unless otherwise. So it’s an affliction to any African leader to be branded a dictator by the people who put him in power who under most circumstances are founded and pushed by controlling foreign powers.


Justus Kiiza Benjamin is a young business mind with a peculiar interest in politics, a passion in poetry and an obsession to carefully arrange words to strike hearts and minds of Masses.


 Disclaimer: This article is of the writer’s opinion in accordance to facts at his disposal and don’t in any way reflect the views of owners of this blog.