Thursday, November 6, 2014


Written by Gadri Sheriff
Everyone has a talent, I have no doubt about that, some people die unfortunately without realizing they have one, some realize it but because of circumstances they never get up to manifest themselves..

The world would be a better place if only people would understand how special they are and embrace it. God did not create us to be like talented and like minded and am sure if he ever made us that the world would be a boring place. With experience i have come to know that the most fatal way to kill off talent is seeking for approval, you see we all have that subconscious need to be approved but at the best of my understanding none has made a profound trail in this earthly dimension unless he has conquered the fear of criticism.

An Irish writer Oscar welde said that if he ever made a decision and he was approved by many he had to go home and change it because he believed that things that make a profound difference were first ridiculed... Life is a mystery and it has always been but people who have made an impact either intellectually or politically or in any other field are
people who believed in the beauty of their imagination and never sought approval.

Buddha had a pure dream.. He never claimed prophethood but after some time he was made a god, he gave people steps to conquer so as to have true absolute purity... At the apex of Buddha’s teaching is something named "nirvana" - nirvana literally means the state of mind where you have conquered impurities, the state of mind where you can live happily ever after.

And to you my friend who is reading this now; if you ever want to make a difference you should try to adopt nirvana. Am requesting you to just be...just express. Because at the end of it nothing is going to count but how well you used your talent.. You deserve it and the world deserves no less.

Gadri is a free minded person who is keen about understanding life, understanding humanity and understanding happiness beyond the normal realm...he has committed his life to learning. That is learning beyond borders.