Monday, November 17, 2014


Most of us are more likely to chose private over public
 If you live along Jinja highway and you have been observant, am sure you have noticed that 8 of the 10 sirens belong to the ambulances. Surprisingly we have more “private or donated by” ambulances than the entire government has provided.

These days its very common to find our hospitals and health centers occupying the best buildings yet lack basic requirements to treat minor infections hence giving referrals to private clinics and pharmaceutical shops which are adequately facilitated....Private is better.

 Recently the government decided that this country should be filled with scientists therefore enforcing science subjects on every male and female that decided to enroll for the local curriculum. The amazing thing is that public or government schools lack the facilities to make sure that this directive is successful. As a matter of fact am yet to find a fully public school that embarrasses me with good performance...Private is better.

The government is also a firm believer that “Private is better” That is why they thought that Uganda Electricity Board(U.E.B)- a national utility enterprise will be managed better by a private non utility company (UMEME).

That is why they thought that the aviation industry was better off minus a national carrier, believing that private airlines will do that job better.

That is why public buses or passenger railway wagons are no more and the burden to sort it out has been given to Rift Valley Railways, UTODA or Pioneer, all private companies....Private is better.

 Private security companies transport our monies, guard our banks, man our properties including government premises. Our national bank was disposed off to foreign private bank, our collateral and cash is kept in private banks, we educate our children in private schools and we go to private clinics and hospitals......Private is better.

Before it became an authority, Kampala City Council used to hire private contractors to maintain the roads though they had all the equipment rotting in the store.....Private is better.

Non Government Organisations (N.G.Os) are everywhere, some look after the widows, some promote good hygiene, others take our orphans to school, they feed the hungry, we have trusted some with our marital issues....Private is better

Soon we will have an Alternative Private Parliament for the People of Uganda, Private Association Against Fake Goods, Private cooperation fighting errant drivers and road accidents and I cant rule out private companies merging to form a National Private Defence Army or Private Nationwide Police Force.

 Why.....  Because we have been made to believe that “PRIVATE IS BETTER”..

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