Monday, November 10, 2014


I must say that I knew the existence of this great man right since 2009, I saw him a couple of times on TV though I never took time to listen to what he had to say until two years back when I decided to expose myself to his literature.
This man had an extraordinary story of hope, courage and triumph, a story that has the capacity to bring lives out of despair. A matter of fact his story can light extinguished candles of hope in many lives.
Like many of us, this hero began his life at a disadvantage. He was born poor, sleeping on the floor in rags in a 2 bedroom wooden house that his dad had built for the family of 11 children where he comes 6th, in a lowest income end neighborhood of Benji- a village in the Islands of Bahamas.
Dr. Myles was a very inquisitive child, asked more questions and because of his passion to know, he gained more knowledge than any of his siblings. He grew up struggling with self-worth battling the idea of being valuable and feeling important because of the circumstances at that time.
Though poor, Pastor Myles was blessed with wise parents because when they become aware of the struggles of their children, they acted fast. They knew that they couldn’t afford to give them material things that they needed and the comfort that other families enjoyed, so they gave them knowledge of principles which were derived from the Bible. They conditioned their lives around that book and argued them to believe in themselves, to believe that everything is possible and that they can accomplish and achieve whatever goals they desired.
At the age of 13 years, he had an encounter with Jesus and he believed until his death that it was the application of these principles that made him who he was.
He believed that legacy is not the number of buildings and products you have left rather the impact you have had in peoples’ lives. At the World Conference 2014, he spoke about “how to die effectively, live beyond the grave and how to secure your legacy and pass it on”. He believed that your character is what you leave for people.
This is a question we should all answer rhetorically, if we die, what legacy will we leave behind? Remember Jesus never had a single building and as of now after over 2000 years, He has over a billion subscribers and still counting, yet he started with only 12.
Dr. /Pastor Myles Munroe
For sure your legacy will live on and on.