Sunday, November 23, 2014


An Indonesian maid that was mistreated and battered in Hong Kong
I have been greatly disturbed and saddened by the excruciating violence of the house helper towards the innocent child we witnessed in an unknown video that has gone viral on the internet. The kicking, slapping and her 50kgs over the helpless child are unbearable and the video was not for the faint hearted to watch.

I must admit that I have also had a second opinion about publishing this article after seeing the chastisement people with divergent opinion have been subjected to especially to Nakyeyune Joweria   who is also an aspiring MP for Kawempe North come 2016. Some of my friends have come up and warned me fearing that am putting my life in danger. After a second thought I have decided to publish it hoping you’ll find it helpful before hiring your next maid.I have also thoroughly edited this article to make it politically correct.

As usual Ugandans took on the social media to give their opinions about this barbaric act, and here is what they had to say;

Sheebah: Awww....Poor Girl....This Is Unforgivable. You Don’t Deserve Rotting In Jail, Death Is The Quickest Escape To Monsters Like You. You Deserve To Be Tortured The Same Way Every Day Of Your Miserable Life Until You Die. If I Found Some 1 Doing This To Any Child...I Swear To God...This Is Just Wrong. Bwoba Okoye Okola Genda...Than Torturing An Innocent Soul. #‎AmSoPissed Hope This Baby Is Healthy Cause I Doubt This Was The First Time.

Beth Mugisha: I visited a friend, and was in shock when I saw her yelling at her maids and cursing them. Previously she had confided in me about how she was being mistreated by her husband and how her maids never last long. And she didn't know why. I thought to myself.. Maybe she needs to look in the mirror..she will get her answer. Wise words Lil

Wasswa David Sorry week for children in Uganda. First was kidnap from school, fatal accident at KCCA and brutality by househelp against helpless child. These beautiful children's hope is ALIVE #‎GODsaveOURchildren #‎DestinyAlive

Joy E Mbabazi Not a mother yet myself but this crazy maid battering a helpless child is insane and torturous....pray the baby pulls through safely.#‎one love#we can make it a better place for our children and i.#‎For God n ma Mama heart!

Ortega Ian Urban Ugandans are practically ferrying other Ugandans from their villages, some of them underage and imprisoning them in their homes as hard laborers for little or no pay at all. May be we need to take some good part of the blame in the making of this culture.

Before we jump on the wagon calling for this lady’s head, we need to objectively ask; why does such a nasty thing happen? We should focus more on the cause other than wasting our resources treating the symptom. Lyll Mykk a popular Ugandan gospel rapper who is currently touring Rwanda believes that this is bigger problem than we think and here is what he posted on his page upon hearing the news.

Lyll Mykk Good morning Uganda! You and i have been disturbed by the violence of the house maid towards the helpless child. The slapping. The throwing. The thrashing. The kicking and that weight on the poor baby. She stepped on the baby. I know she must pay a price for her crimes but even if she is locked away for a life time that is not going to stop things like that from happening again. I like you to look at it this way. That maid to me had a terrible hunger. She was getting even. Like vengeance of some sort. I think that brutality. That cold heart was as a result of mistreatment from her employers. Believe me you House maids go thru hell in our homes on the daily. Am not trying to justify her actions but my concern is if we have to stop what she did from happening in our homes to our own children then treat those maids with Love and they will in turn show love to your children and property. #‎LyllTalk

Kakensa Henry Ndugwa I think MPs who have seen that clip of a housemaid torturing a toddler should now consider starting to discuss the minimum wage bill. Yes, I know this woman behaved so inhuman and i condemn her act, but with minimum wage even low income earners like maids shall love their jobs. When someone loves what he does, he puts in a lot of effort to save that job. This is why our sisters leave Uganda and go to Diaspora to work as maids, this is why our brothers leave Uganda to go and work as askaris, this is why many people left Uganda to work as nurses and teachers elsewhere whereas we need them in Uganda.

On the other hand, considering the way that woman treated a child, I suppose she was working in the Arab world where our sisters claim to be tortured as maids, What would the Arab family have done to her after seeing this video? Thats why sometimes tetusaanye kusala gwa kawala. Something still tells me she is mad. She has a psychiatric problem. No sane person does that even if offended to the maximum.
Please bear in mind such capital offenders are subjected to psychiatric assessment before trial. Dont be surprised if she ends up in Butabika instead of Luzira

Ortega Ian "The culture clash between domestic workers and their employers is bound to continue in its vicious cycle of abuse and retaliation until society identifies the mistreatment as a social problem, recognizes domestic workers as integral and valued members of their homes and Ugandans unite to halt the abuse on personal and policy levels. According to Wainaina, “unless [the house girl’s] opportunities are expanded and she is empowered socially and economically, she is doomed to occupy a pariah cultural position in the country’s socio-cultural mix”. This desired change within society to acknowledge domestic workers as “home managers” who work with the heads of house rather than under them must begin on a grassroots level, beginning in individual homes and working its way upward into the upper echelons of policy makers who can make legislative contributions to the protection of domestic workers."

Ortega Ian The punishments many Ugandans are prescribing for that House-maid is proof enough that we are inherently violent, very emotional and will act out of anger and do anything stupid when our emotions over-ride our logic.

Someone suggested that she be shot to death, another suggested that her head be chopped off. Goodness. Yes, this lady is a perfect mirror image of our hidden violent nature.

You can tell a lot about Ugandans by watching the maid, watching the little girl's reactions and then reading the comments from various Ugandans.

1. We are very sensational as a country. We jump on the next big thing, pour out our anger, then forget about that when the next big thing comes up.

2. We always transfer our anger to the innocent and to those weaker than us. Usually anger accumulated after suffering at the hands of those stronger than us. The maid transferring anger to the baby.

3. We are used to suffering in silently. We have accepted our pain as normal. We have accepted many evils as normal. Thus, one will see a Policeman take a bribe, but one will continue minding their business. A teacher will beat a student and a student will suffer in silence.

4. We are very sensational, very emotional. This explains the growth in Tabloid Newspapers and yellow-journalism. We can't get any satisfaction. We are always looking for something to feed our inner desire for sensational things. Days back it was the girl killed by a KCCA vehicle. Now no one remembers that. Days back it was Andy Mwesigwa. Days back it was Desire Luzinda. Let's keep feeding.

5. We coil back at our own shame as society when we see that shame exposed. Many of us see our maids as third-class; treat them as that think we are doing them a favor. Many of us are violent. Just read the punishments being prescribed by those commenting. No one even suggests a mental-check-up in the first place.

Finally, I can say, President Museveni is a mirror reflection of our culture and behavior as Ugandans. Everything I see in Museveni and in the news is a perfect description of Ugandans.